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Sinus Lift

sinus lift may be needed to place implants in the upper back jaw where your bone is too close to your sinus. This results in a vertical bone height that is too short for implant placement in this area of your mouth. A sinus lift allows for more room for new bone to grow to provide a proper foundation with sufficient bone height for dental implant placement. 




This procedure involves gently raising the sinus floor with placement of bone graft material. Implants may or may not be placed simultaneously with this procedure. If they are not placed at the time of the sinus lift, after four to nine months of healing time, you will be ready to have your implants placed. All of these procedures have been shown to greatly increase your changes for successful implants that can be successful for years to come.

Please contact our office if you have any questions, (231) 932-4223.

While I have been going to a periodontist for over 20 years, this office far exceeded my expectations and I was simply delighted by the professionalism and willingness to answer any questions I had! Everyone was friendly and made me feel welcome!
—Nancy T.