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Pocket Reduction Surgery/ Bone Regeneration

Pocket reduction surgery may be recommended for more advanced cases of gum disease where pocketing remains after scaling and root planing. With this treatment, Dr. Mason anesthetizes treatment areas and gently retracts the gum tissue, providing access to deep areas of infection and bone loss. She then debrides the root surfaces free of plaque and tartar and smooths bone discrepancies and irregularities created by bacterial toxins. Sutures are placed and the treatment sites are allowed to heal.

pocket reduction surgery

When the bone and soft tissue supporting the teeth has been lost or destroyed due to severe gum disease, we can restore these areas with a bone regeneration procedure. Depending on the extent of tissue destruction, we may perform a bone graft to stimulate new bone growth in conjunction with tissue growth factors to repair the areas in your mouth that have been destroyed by the disease.

How Long does Pocket Reduction Surgery Take to Heal?

Immediately following the surgery your gums may be more sensitive; however, there will be a notable reduction in pocket depth and significant improvement in the condition of your teeth and gums. We will remove the sutures 2-weeks after the procedure.

A healing period of 8 weeks is required to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. At this re-evaluation appointment, the pockets will be remeasured and an appropriate maintenance program will be prescribed to help keep your periodontal health stable.

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