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Frenectomy / Fiberotomy

A frenectomy is the removal of the frenum, which is a fold of muscle tissue that connects your lips, tongue or cheek to the jaw.



The frenum can contribute to gum recession and causes spaces to form between your teeth. 


Frequently, a frenectomy with or without a gingival graft is required during orthodontic therapy to prevent further recession and recurrence of the space between your teeth at the site of the frenum. This procedure will increase the stability and improve the success of the final orthodontic result.




A fiberotomy simply involves removing the gingival fibers surrounding a tooth that connects the tooth to the bone. It is usually performed near the end of orthodontic therapy and is performed to prevent the relapse of teeth, which is the drifting of the tooth back to its original position prior to orthodontic correction.