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Oral Lesion Biopsies

According to the American Cancer Society, over 30,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed annually, with more than 7,000 of these cases resulting in the death of the patient. Fortunately, oral cancer can be diagnosed early with an annual cancer exam provided by Dr. Mason. If caught early, oral cancer can be effectively treated.

Oral cancer is a pathologic process, which begins by producing no symptoms thus making it difficult to recognize without an exam. There are many forms of oral cancer with the most common form being malignant squamous cell carcinoma, which most often originates in the lips and oral soft tissue. Other common locations in which oral cancer occurs includes the tongue, the salivary glands, throat, gums and face. An oral lesion biopsy is performed under local anesthesia and entails gently removing a small piece of tissue from the lesion. This piece of tissue is then sent to an oral pathology lab for histological and microscopic analysis to detect for the presence of any abnormal cells. 

It is also important to note that over 75% of oral cancers are linked to avoidable behaviors such as smoking, tobacco chewing and excessive alcohol consumption. Dr. Mason is happy to provide you with literature and options for quitting dangerous at-risk behaviors such as tobacco use.

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Thank you Dr. Mason and all your staff. My experience with your team during my recent procedures was very re-assuring. The procedures were comfortable and the follow up care was exceptional. I experienced no surprises as you educated me well on what to expect. Also the after hour phone calls I received, as well as the information on how to reach you after hours, was comforting to have on hand if needed. You are all so sweet, comforting, and very very fun while being professional at the same time. Your office is awesome! Thank you!
—Patti P.