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Gingivectomy (Gummy Smile)/Crown Lengthening


If you have too much gum showing when you smile, causing your teeth to look short, we call this a "gummy smile." If your gum line is uneven, some teeth may appear shorter than others. Cases such as this we call crooked smile. Both situations can be easily remedied and treated with a procedure referred to as a gingivectomy (gum lift) or esthetic crown lengthening. 

This procedure involves removing excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth crown, which is the white enamel covered part of the tooth. Once the gum tissue is removed, the gum line is reshaped to create an esthetically pleasing appearance and correct proportion between the gum tissue and tooth surface. This can be done to just one tooth or to enhance your entire smile. The outcome is to provide a natural-looking smile and gum line.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is recommended in situations to make a restorative procedure possible. When a tooth has a cavity and is broken below the gum line or has inadequate tooth structure to support a crown or bridge, crown lengthening is recommended.

This procedure allows for adjustment (reduction) of the gum and bone to expose more of the tooth structure so it can be restored comfortably. If this procedure is not completed, the crown or bridge will frequently fall off and cause irritation and bleeding to the gums when biting. 

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I have never received better treatment. Staff are very friendly and the least painful procedure I have EVER received.
—Kim D.