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3-D Imaging


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technology has become the standard of care in many offices when it comes to dental imaging. It is safer than traditional x-rays and allows for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning when it comes to certain surgical procedures. Our office is committed to providing the highest quality of dental care and we are proud to use the Sirona GALILEOS 3D CBCT Scanner in our practice. This high-definition, advanced imaging technology produces immediate three-dimensional images of patients’ critical anatomy. The exact anatomical information can facilitate precise diagnostics with numerous applications including implant treatment, surgical exposure of impacted canines, bone augmentation and diagnosing oral pathology.

Benefits of CBCT Technology

  • Optimizes implant placement in regards to position and size of implants.
  • Indicates whether bone grafting or sinus augmentation is needed in areas of insufficient bone for the implant procedure.
  • Determines more precise tooth position and proximity to vital structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN).
  • Accurately measures bone and jaw deformities and detects other pathology, such as cysts, tumors, and disease.

Implant Planning

The CBCT allows us to treatment plan implant placement while keeping away from the inferior alveolar nerve.

The CBCT allows us to assess if an implant site needs a sinus lift prior to implant placement to avoid placement of the implant in the maxillary sinus.

Impacted Canine

The CBCT allows us to evaluate the location and orientation of an impacted canine (or other impacted tooth) prior to the surgery.

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The staff at Mason Periodontics were wonderful as always. The procedure went smoothly and the follow up was great.
—Louis K.